The thing about horse owners and lovers is that they recognize the difference between a “rider” and a “writer.” Too often equine businesses put the marketing of their services in the hands of those who don’t truly know the business. Gray Horse Publishing & Marketing is owned by Valerie Mellema. In addition to more than 20 years hands on in the horse business, she also holds a B.S. in Equine Business & Industry from West Texas A&M University. She learned from the best in the equine business and then went on to co-found Words You Want, a content and online marketing firm that grosses half a million in sales each year.

Gray Horse Publishing & Marketing allows Valerie to combine her love of horses with her knowledge of Internet marketing. It’s a win-win for her and your equine business.

When it comes to marketing your horse business, the language says it all. How many times have you grimaced at a page where the author clearly knew nothing about horses. Don’t be that business. We have our own language and set of skills that can only be properly described and discussed by a person with first hand experience. We have that first hand experience.

Online marketing is a quick and ever changing business. New rules regarding site design, SEO strategies and marketing change year to year, month to month and sometimes day to day. By working with a company who knows both the online marketing world and the equestrian world, you can take your business to the next level.