Equine Blogging


Why Do You Need a Blog?

Blogging is a proven method of increasing traffic to your website while also portraying you has a reputable source in your industry. However, blogging must be done correctly to ensure your blog also establishes trust with your readership.Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and show that you are a trusted source in the equine industry.

Start a Conversation

Blogging also allows you to start a dialogue with your potential customers. This is a vital step in inbound marketing, as it allows you to develop leads and to nurture those leads. It takes customers a long time to make a decision and they want to make an educated one. Blogging is how you can educate your potential customers and eventually turn them into paying customers.

You Have Two Blogging Options

Blog Management

Blog management is when you hand the reins to us. We will provide topics, pictures and post the blogs for you. Blogs will follow SEO best practices and because we’re in the equine business ourself, we speak the language of your readers. (You are always welcome to provide topics, but we strive to make the blogging process as easy as possible for you.)

Blog Writing Only

If you have blog ideas, but no time to write them, this option is for you. You provide the topics, we write the content and send it back to you for posting. Blog prices are based on the chart below. There is $100 per project minimum, so we typically write blogs in batches. Images are an additional $5 per.
Word Count Less than 50 articles 50+ articles 100+articles
100 $4 $4 $3
200 $8 $8 $7
300 $10 $9 $8
400 $12 $11 $10
500 $16 $15 $14
600 $20 $19 $18
700 $24 $23 $22
800 $28 $27 $26
900 $32 $31 $30
1000 $36 $35 $34
2000 $72 $71 $70

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